Stylish Male Icons of the 1990s

Stylish Male Icons of the 1990s

Some would argue that the 90s was the champion of decades for men’s fashion. It was the time when the music industry and Hollywood were thriving and taking over, and when some of today’s most iconic celebs were at the peak of their careers and setting trends everywhere!

So, with some of the 90s trends making a comeback in fashion, here’s a list we’ve compiled of just some of the trendiest celebs of that decade1

. Leonardo Dicaprio



2. Brad Pitt



3. Dr Dre



4. Kurt Cobain



5. Will Smith



So, whether you loved the 90s or despised them completely, I’m pretty sure everyone can agree it was an era of unforgettable style and fashion – we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that’s a good thing or not