Q&A with Photographer Kevin Mackintosh

Q&A with Photographer Kevin Mackintosh

We got together with African native and worldwide photographer, Kevin Mackintosh, to talk about travel, photography, and the craziest thing he’s had happen on a shoot with a client. Check it out below to find out more.

Having worked as a photographer for 20 years now, Kevin Mackintosh has certainly managed to become an established photographer recognised around the world. He first started out as a photojournalist and then soon moved on to become a photographer within the fashion industry before deciding to gesture out on his own. Throughout his career, Kevin has had the privilege of working with many popular publications, brands, and companies, such as Italian Vogue and Christies. He has even got an impressive resume of top tier celeb clients such as Russell Brand, Christian Louboutin, and even Idris Elba.

Fast forward to today, Kevin has managed to keep his same work ethic after 2 decades in the industry and has got a few exciting projects on the way. Growing up in Africa, Kevin has used his roots as inspiration to reflect in a lot of his work and we spoke with him to discuss what it means to be a photographer travelling the globe. Read on to find out more.


Credit: Kevin Mackintosh


Where in the world are you right now?

I divide my time between London and New York and a 2 month sabbatical every year in South Africa.


Where does the inspiration for your work come from?

Art, and Film and the classic photographers like Irving Penn and Richard Avedon and Josef Koudelka. I love the work of Sebastian Salgado.


Credit: Kevin Mackintosh


You’ve travelled a lot doing what you do, but where’s your favourite place to do a shoot and why?

Africa probably… there is a very free spirit out there with Creativity coming from ‘ unexpected ‘ places.


How would you describe your photographic style?

I like considered imagery, where i think of the sets, props and overall composition of the work.  Still life is part of that for me.


What made you decide to get into photography?

I wanted to be involved in Theatre and film but found that the ‘ instant’ in photography was more suited to my vision.


Credit: Kevin Mackintosh


What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Of course traveling, but putting a new spin on all the different projects whatever they are….my point of view.


What’s the craziest thing to happen when you’ve been working on a project with a client?

We were shooting Tori Amos ‘ album artwork and the installation about her fell onto her head. I thought i had ‘ done her in ‘.


Where in the world would you most like to visit that you haven’t yet been?

Namibia up the West Coast of Africa and perhaps more of Utah, Arizona. I had the great fortune of saying at the Amangiri Spa , Utah on an assignment a year ago… I was just in awe of that place.


Credit: Kevin Mackintosh


Do you have anything new and exciting in the works coming up?

The launch of a new motor car and a project with a famous French luxury house installing in 2019.


What advice would you give to anyone currently starting out in photography?

Trust your own vision. There is too much copying going on and photographers voices tend to get blurred. It is a very good time to be a photographer now with a clear vision. I have always said to my assistants you can only shoot what feels right to you and relevant to you.


Thanks, Kevin!


Credit: Kevin Mackintosh