Life’s a beach when you pack right – Top 5 beach must haves

Life’s a beach when you pack right – Top 5 beach must haves

​It’s almost that time again to pack our bags for a week or two and enjoy nothing but sun, sand, and sea.

But before that, comes the stress of what to actually pack your suitcase with. Do you buy a whole new summer wardrobe? Did you pack enough underwear? Are 10 bottles of sun cream really necessary?

Packing is a nightmare and lucky for you, we’ve picked out a few key essentials every guy needs for his trip away, just so you can relax the day before your flight!


1. Cap


​A cap is a great addition to bring to the beach. It gives you that simplistic, trendy kinda look, without making you seem like you’re trying too hard. And it’s a great source of protection from the sun.
They’re basically like mini umbrellas for your face to use in the summer.



2. Sun Cream

​How much would it suck spending half of your time on holiday wincing in pain from sun burns because you didn’t take sun cream to the beach? Wouldn’t you rather be walking around with an amazing tan, than looking like a tomato? Yeah, I thought so. Not only does sun cream protect you from getting burnt, it also helps to prevent skin cancer. So, you definitely want to be bringing it with you to the beach!



3. Sunglasses

​Can you think of a time when you went to the beach and didn’t see anyone with sunglasses? Nope, me neither! There’s basically an unwritten rule that you should have a pair of shades with you when you go to the beach! You can protect your eyes from UV radiation with sunglasses, and if that isn’t enough to convince you, they’re also a great way to people-watch without anyone realising.



4. Flip Flops


​Flip flops, sliders, and sandals are basically the only shoes you should be wearing to the beach. Why, I hear you ask? One word: sand. The only solution to combat sand on a beach holiday is open toed shoes.
Plus, who wants to be sitting there undoing their shoe laces on the beach, when you can just kick them off and enjoy the heat?



5. Swim Shorts


​Swim shorts are an absolute must for the beach! How else are you going to be able to go in the sea and do fun water excursions? A stylish print or simple colour would do the trick! Either way, with O&Bs classic chevy style shorts, we’re sure you’re gonna be the envy of every other guy on the beach.